Call For Applications (Deadline: March 11th)
CIVIS Summer School: The science, ethics and governance of genome editing
25-29 July 2022 (University of Tübingen)
The last decade has seen a dramatic increase in the pace of scientific development of genome editing technologies, particularly highlighted by the advances enabled by CRISPR-Cas9. One area of immense potential is the use of genome editing technologies in humans. Alongside the potential benefits, there are a number of ethical issues that arise, posing challenges for the development of robust governance of this technology. This Summer School will extensively explore the ethical implications of this emerging technology, noting the scientific and medical possibilities and realities, the perceptions and the various ethical approaches and implications as well as the options for its effective governance and regulation. This Summer School will combine lectures by experts in the field, alongside interactive group work and class discussion, a one-day class symposium, as well as evening events and class excursions.  
Extended deadline for applications (March 11th)! Funding support available!
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