Doamna conferențiar univ. dr. Mihaela Pop va participa la conferința internațională „Religions in the public sphere” organizată de Universitatea „Adam Mickiewicz” din Poznan, Polonia, în perioada 24-26 iunie. Titlul intervenției: „Religious art and its deviated forms during the transition from the communist regime in Romania”.

Programul conferintei:
International Conference
„Religions in the Public Spheres”
Poznan 24-26 June 2010
Main conference venue: Poznan, Mielżynskiego  Street  No 27/29.
Accomodation: University  Hotel, “Jowita” Poznan 60-813,  Zwierzyniecka Street No 7, tel. +48 (0)61 866 12 77

Program of Events

Thursday 24 June 2010

9,00- 10,15 Opening Session
9,00-9,15 Opening Ceremony

Moderator: Tadeusz Buksinski

9,15-10,15 Wilhelm Schmidt- Biggemann ( Free University of Berlin):
How Political Theology brought Religion back into the Public  Sphere

10,15-10,30; Coffee Break

10,30-11,00: John Farina ( George Mason University, Washington),
Arguments for Religion in Contemporary Civil Society

11,00- 11,30: Tomka  Miklos ( Catholic University in  Budapest),
Religiosity as motivation for social commitment

11,30-11,45 Coffee Break

11,45 – 12,15: Maciej Ziemba (European Centre of Solidarity, Gdansk)
Seven Theses on Religion, Democracy and Open Society

12,15-12,45; Evanggelos Moutsopoulos ( Academy of Athens),
Artistic Creativity: An Immanent Value reflecting Transcendence

13,00. 14-30 Lunch

Moderator: Edward Alan

15,00 – 15,30: Tadeusz Buksinski ( Adam Mickiewicz University),
The Legal and Social Status of Churches in the Monoreligious Countries

15,30- 16,00: Sergey Nizhnikov (Peoples Friendship University of Russia,
The Problem of the Status of Religion in Russian Society Today

16,00- 16,15; Coffee Break

16,15- 16,45; Mihaela Pop ( University of Bucharest),
Religious Art and its deviated forms  during the transition from
the communist regime in Romania

16,45-17,15;  Gennadii Korzhov, (Makeyevka Institute of Economics  and Humanities,
Normative Legitimization of Religious Values : On the Specificity of Religious
Life in Ukraine

17,15-17,30; Coffee Break

17,30-18,00; Yaroslav Pasko ( State University, Donetsk),
Religious and Secular Values: Pre-modern and Modern Dimensions

18,00-18,30: Xiao Li ((Sun Yat-sen University, Adam Mickiewicz University),
On the Significance of Christians to the Construction of Chinese Public Sphere

19,00 Dinner

Friday 25 June 2010

Moderator: Tomka Miklos

9,00- 9,30; Manuel Jimenez-Redondo (State University,Valencia)
Religion and public sphere; Remarks on the Discussions Habermas-Ratzinger

9,30-10,00 ; Andrew Cummings ( Mount Angel Seminary, Oregon),
Religions in the Public Spheres. Remarks on Habermas’ View

10,00- 10,30; Janis Ozolins ( Australian Catholic University),
Religious and Moral Values in a Consumer Society- A Christian Perspective

10,30-10,45 Coffee Break

10, 45- 11,15: Jan Hartmann, (Jagiellonian University, Krakow),
Religiosity vs Modernity

11,15- 11,45; Piotr Juchacz, ( Adam Mickiewicz University),
National and Transnational Public Spheres and their Content

11,45-12,15; Joachim Heil ( Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz),
Religious Phenomena in Pop-Culture and the Question of Personal

12,15- 12.30; Coffee Break

12,30-13,00: Urlich Steinworth (Bilkent University Ankara, University of Hamburg),
The Conception of God  in Modern Cosmology and the Society of Religion

13,00- 13, 30; Valery Goryunov ( St Petersburg State Polytechnic University)
Religions and Science: overcoming alternatives

13,30-14,30; Lunch

Moderator: Piotr Juchacz

15,00-15,30; Edward Alan ( Notre Dame University Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon),
Religion in the Public Sphere: What the World can still learn from Lebanon

15,30- 16,00; Paulo Conceicao Faria ( University of Kent at Canterbury),
Pope Benedict XVI’s Visit and Revival of the Angolan Public Sphere

16,00-16,15;  Coffee Break

16,30- 17,00; Yuriy Pochta ( Peoples Friendship University of Russia, Moscow);
Muslims between Liberalism and Fundamentalism: Problem of Islamic
Civil  Society

17,00 – 17,30; Azhar Ibrahim ( National University of Singapore),
Malay-Muslim Religious Discourse in Singapore: The Assertions of Religious
Elites and Activists in Public Sphere

17,30-18,00; Mohammed  Maarouf (Chouaib Doukkali Univ. El Jadida Morocco),
From Fundamentalism to Islamism: Models of Cultural  Resistance
in  Morocco

18,30-  Dinner

Saturday 26 June 2010

Moderator: John Farina

9,00-9,30; Wilhelm Graeb ( Humboldt University, Berlin),
Each Person a Special Case . Transformation of Religion in Modern Societies

9,30-10,00; Erwin Bader ( University of Vienna),
Die Seligpreisungen. Ihre Reform der praktischen Vernunft konnte die Krise
der Sekularen Gesellschaft uberwinden

10,00-10,30; Tomasz Raburski (Adam Mickiewicz University),
Secularizing Effects of Legal Systems in Liberal Democracies

10,30-11,00; Bart Labushagne (Universiteit Leiden),
Towards a new relationship: private, public and sacred

11,00 -11,15: Coffee Break

Moderator: Gennadii Korzhov

11,15-11,45;  Edwin George ( University of Madras),
Indian Polity and Implications of Indian Democratic Secular Attitude

11,45-12,15; Bommireddipali Bhanusree ( Andhra University Visakhapatnam),
Attainment of Harmony in Human Life: A Paradigm of the Religious Life
in Dayalbagh

12,15- 12,45;  Seema Bose (University of Delhi),
Religions in the Public Sphere; Some Considerations in the Indian Context

12,45-13,00; Coffee Break

13,00- 13,30; David Xinsheng Wang (Fudan University, Shanghai),
Outline of Some Observations and Reflections on the Religions in China Today

13,30- 14,00; Hu Yeping ( CRVP, Washington),
Asian Wisdom

14,00 – 14,30;  Michal Katafiasz ( Buddhist Community, Poznan)
The Spiritual Identity in the Public Life

14,30-15,00 Closing Meeting

15,00- 15,45; Lunch

16.00–17,30, Guided  Tour around Poznan Old Town

18,00 Dinner