Seminar cercetare DFT „A few thoughts on later Wittgenstein and quasi-realism”

Următoarea conferință din cadrul seminarului de cercetare al Departamentului de Filosofie Teoretică în parteneriat cu CELFIS va fi susținută de Nicoletta Bartunek.

Titlul prezentării sale este: ‘A few thoughts on later Wittgenstein and quasi-realism’. Iată şi rezumatul:

‘Roughly, there are three main ideas underlying Blackburn’s quasi-realism: that moral statements do not represent facts or properties (1); that such statements „project our sentiments” onto actions – they are best seen as „attitudes” – (2); finally, that moral statements can be said to be true or false, and they can be embedded in conditionals (and in the logical calculus in general) (3). And Wittgenstein seems to agree with all of these. Indeed, he stresses (1) as soon as the Tractatus and there is no reason to think he changed his mind about it. Moreover, he later links the status of ethical terms to those of avowals and gestures of approval and disapproval – as the quasi-realist does at (2). Concerning (3), Wittgenstein prefers to avoid “truth” for non-descriptive statements, but he acknowledges that relying on it is not misguided.

This presentation will defend the proposed juxtaposition from the following two counter-arguments. Firstly, that Wittgenstein abandoned the topic of morals and ethics in his later philosophy, making (2) implausible. Secondly, against (3), that Blackburn advocates for a separate semantics for ethical and moral discourse, and this is thoroughly unwittgensteinan. My claim on the first account will be that Wittgenstein’s idea that „meaning is use” can very well cover the disputed topics. On the second, that Blackburn himself changed his mind about the workings of his project: the stated purpose now is to give a Wittgensteinian perspicuous representation of morals. And Wittgenstein’s views about truth not only confirm Blackburn’s (3) but can enrich it greatly.’

Conferința se va desfășura ȋn limba engleză luni, 5 aprilie, orele 18-20. Un link de conectare via Meet va fi distribuit cu câteva minute înainte tuturor celor ce își indică dorința de participare scriind la adresa Prezentarea va fi ȋnregistrată şi va fi disponibilă pe YouTube ȋn perioada următoare.

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