Seminar cercetare DFT ‘Newton and Descartes on True Motion’

Următoarea conferință din cadrul seminarului de cercetare al Departamentului de Filosofie Teoretică în parteneriat cu CELFIS va fi susținută de Monica Solomon (Stanford University).
Titlul prezentării sale este: ‘Newton and Descartes on True Motion’. Iată şi rezumatul:

‘Isaac Newton’s scholium to the definitions in the Principia (1687/1713/1726) articulates clearly distinctions pertaining to the concepts of time, space, place, and motion. A well-known example therein describes the motion of the water within a revolving bucket. Trivial as it may seem, the example has captured the imagination of philosophers ever since. Recent work in the history and philosophy of science has revealed that the example is best read contextually, as an argument against the Cartesian definition of proper motion.
In this talk I make the further argument that what is truly at stake is finding a quantitatively adequate measure of true motion. The example is not an argument for the existence of absolute space or motion, and the attack against the Cartesian framework is both more substantial and more targeted than it has been previously shown in the literature. This conclusion will then lead us to reconsider the role of the scholium: I suggest that it is a commentary to a set of fundamental physical quantities, and a “space-and-time” scholium only derivatively. Finally, I am going to develop the implications of this analysis for Newton’s methodology of science and its later reception in the eighteenth century.’

Conferința se va desfășura ȋn limba engleză luni, 12 aprilie, orele 18-20. Un link de conectare via Meet va fi distribuit cu câteva minute înainte tuturor celor ce își indică dorința de participare scriind la adresa