Meaning and Truth

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Sorin Costreie
Mircea Dumitru

Editura Pro Universitaria, 2015


Constantin C. Brîncuş – The Epistemic Significance of Valid Inference – A Model-Theoretic Approach
Sorin V. Costreie – Is Frege’s Sinn identical with Russell’s Denoting Concept?
Oana Culache – Semiotic Study on Translating Modes within Multimodal Messages: Developing a Comparative Analysis Model of Transducted Meanings
Mircea Dumitru – New Perspectives on Compositionality. Kit Fine’s Semantic Relationist Approach to Meaning
Crăiţa I. Florescu – Meaningful Truth in Frege
Victor E. Gelan – The Signification of the Concept of Consciousness in Husserl’s ‘Fifth Logical Investigation’ and Its Relevance for Knowledge
Mihai Hîncu – Context, Compositionality, and Predicates of Personal Taste
Adrian Luduşan – Reference and Indiscernability in Ante Rem Structuralism
Horia-Roman Patapievici – The Discovery of the Physics of the Middle Ages by Pierre Duhem. The Fate and Meaning of A Truth
Adrian Radu – Theory of Freedom: The Weaknesses of the Classical Thesis and the Necessity of a New Foundation
Mihai Rusu – A Defence of the Basic Coherence of Conceptualism

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