This is a two-year research master programme aiming to provide students with various useful skills and insights needed to do independent intellectual work in philosophy at postgraduate level. Some of our students want to acquire these skills and insights as preparation for a PhD track, some plan to use them in another area of intellectual enterprise, and some are just curious and want to know what postgraduate studies in philosophy are like. But all of them are invited to participate in a lively research environment in which students are encouraged to interact with some of the best scholars in this field.
Generally, due to its focus on clear thought, cogent argumentation and elaborated criticism of philosophical accounts, Analytic Philosophy has proven to be an extremely useful instrument in the philosophical professional training. Our program fosters various valuable skills such as critical articulated thinking, accurate identification of the main tenets of a debate, minute analysis of the issues discussed, elaborated argumentation in favour of a point of view, and the rapid detection of fallacious arguments. Thus, students who do not wish to pursue an academic career in philosophy may still find many opportunities to apply later these skills in public institutions or companies where clear analytical thinking is a valuable asset.

There is no tuition fee for the state subsidized places. These places are available for EU, EEA and Swiss Confederation nationals
For paying students:
– 3100 RON / year for Romanian students and for students coming from EU, EEA member states and from the Swiss Confederation
– 220 € / month for non EU nationals


  • Advanced research in theoretical philosophy
  • Professions associated with Public Administration, Legal Studies, Management or Journalism

CURRICULUM 2019-2020


Numele disciplinei

Forma de evaluare Credite
  Anul I    
1. Dissertation seminar /

Metode în cercetarea științifică

Examen sem. 1 8 credite
2. Fundamental texts in philosophy I /

Texte filosofice fundamentale I

Examen sem. 1 8 credite
3. Philosophical Logic / Logică filosofică Examen sem. 1 8 credite
4. Ethics and Academic Integrity /

Etică și integritate academică

Colocviu sem. 1 6 credite
5. Epistemology / Epistemologie Examen sem. 2 6 credite
6. Ontology / Ontologie Examen sem. 2 6 credite
7. Topics in contemporary metaphysics /

Teme contemporane în metafizică

Examen sem. 2 6 credite
8. Optional Course * /

Curs opțional* (PPE,UNESCO)

Examen sem. 1/2 6 credite
9. Speciality Practice /

Practică de specialitate

Verificare sem. 2 6 credite
  Anul II    
10. Philosophy of mind and cognitive science  / Filosofia minții și a științelor cogniției Examen sem. 3 8 credite
11. New trends in philosophy of science /

Noi tendințe în filosofia științei

Examen sem. 3 8 credite
12. Fundamental texts in philosophy II /

Texte filosofice fundamentale II

Examen sem. 3 8 credite
13. Optional Course * /

Curs opțional* (PPE,UNESCO)

Examen sem. 3/4 6 credite
14. Philosophy of Language /

Filosofia limbajului

Examen sem. 4 12 credite
15. Optional Course *

/ Curs opțional* (PPE,UNESCO)

Examen sem. 3/4 6 credite
16. Speciality Practice /

Practică de specialitate

Verificare sem. 4 12 credite

Admission takes place in July and September.
The call for applications is open to Romanian nationals – BA (or equivalent) graduates -, as well as nationals of EU, EEA member states, Swiss Confederation nationals and non EU-citizens.
Applicants with previous studies abroad will include a certificate acknowledging their studies abroad/degrees obtained abroad, issued by the specialized department of the Ministry of Education.
4 semesters (120 ECTS)
Proficiency in English is required for this MA
Courses start in October and end in June
Mobility opportunities are available for students at partner universities.


Application package, statement of purpose and interview