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Unlike in other faculties, the professors here do not act like they are omniscient, but respect the right of the students to voice opinions of their own, and students actively participate in the seminars. Interactivity and an argumentative style are prevalent in this institution. The Faculty has a wide range of study programs, as it also provides a specialization in European Studies’. Carmen Voicu, 2008 graduate (in Adevărul, 24 September 2010)

But for this faculty, I would not have grown into the individual I am today. It helped me understand the underlying motivation of my actions and why I am the way I am.  Diana Rizoiu (in Adevărul, 22 June 2010)

I consider myself lucky with the faculty I graduated from in Romania – the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Bucharest. For me it was a support in my future development. In 2006 I left for the US on a one-year scholarship feeling small and nervous. Back then, I was a third year undergraduate and I had studied philosophy and logic intensively, even some old Greek. I was absolutely shocked when I discovered among my colleagues there what they mean by a ‟major in philosophy”, especially in an interdisciplinary Liberal Arts College: 7-8 courses of philosophy over 4 years of study, and the rest from somewhat tangent areas, to each student’s liking. I calmly informed them that a Romanian Philosophy graduate takes a total of 40 courses in philosophy, each of them top-quality – and, actually, this was the solid foundation that helped my academic development in the US in 2006 and now in the UK.  To my surprise, what I learned in Romania was very useful and a consistent starting point for what I was going to study abroad. Diana Constantinescu, PhD candidate at University College London (, July 2010)