The Faculty of Philosophy offers accredited and interdisciplinary MA programmes with Romanian and English as languages of instruction. All our programmes provide a thorough specialization in areas combining critical thinking and strategic vision with top-quality training enabling graduates to successfully meet the challenges of national and international institutions and organizations.
BA graduates of any background are welcome to enrol in our MA programmes.
Admission is based on:

  1. Statement of purpose describing the academic and professional interests of the applicants. The statement of purpose will be submitted with the application package.
  2. Interview: based on the statement of purpose
For MA programmes with English as language of instruction, proof of linguistic skills is necessary.

MA programmes in Romanian

Applied Ethics in Society, Business and Organizations
 This is an innovative programme designed to respond to the increasing need for ethical standards, codes of conduct and, in general, ethical assessment in various professions. Graduates acquire an overall qualification in ethics, substantively complemented by courses dedicated to a wide array of professional specializations. Thus, the curriculum includes courses such as: Business Ethics, Ethics of International Relations, Environmental Ethics, Applied Ethics and Professional Deontology, Human Rights Ethics. This MA trains graduates for positions in ethical committees, CSR, consulting in organizational ethics and business ethics. || Read more 
History and Circulation of Philosophical Ideas
The programme covers historical and spiritual references, which are relevant to any standard chronological or topological study of the history of philosophy: Ancient Greek Philosophy, Neo-Platonism, Christian Thought, Modern Philosophy, Contemporary Philosophy, and Philosophical Postmodernism. From the perspective of the academic methodology used, the dominant approach will be a combination of hermeneutics, phenomenology and philosophical deconstruction, thus providing the graduate students with the opportunity to become familiar with the main interpretative perspectives. || Read more 
History and Philosophy of Science
This programme provides students with a unique combination of a problematization-based historical and philosophical approach, often interdisciplinary, and connected to the latest discoveries of an expanding academic field of research. It is open to those graduates interested in the ‘modern science’ phenomenon, irrespective of their educational background. The MA in History and Philosophy of Science offers a novel, dynamic working framework, information and expertise in a culture of open communication. Career opportunities range from professions in knowledge management and communication and journalism in science to research management. || Read more 
International Development Studies and the Ethics of International Relations
This programme aims to combine the professional-oriented aspect of the specialization in Development Studies and the ethical one. Graduates could not only work as specialists in international development, but will also be fully aware of the foundations of this specialization, of the ethical and human dimension which international development actions imply in some parts of the contemporary world. Over the course of this MA, students will acquire all the skills enabling them to work in projects of international development, in policy-making and implementation within international NGOs, UN agencies, multilateral and bilateral development agencies. || Read more 
European Studies and the Ethics of International Relations
The general aim of this MA is to train specialists who could occupy positions entailing an intense collaboration at EU level. Also, careers related to communication and human relations, including international relations, are better accessible due to the training provided by the programme. Specific training in the area of international relations, institutional theory and practice, with a focus on the ethics of international relations will be complemented by an approach meant to develop analytic reasoning and strategic vision skills. || Read more 
Art History and Philosophy of Culture

with the Faculty of History

This programme is open to BA graduates from a variety of backgrounds, but with a strong interest in the humanities and cultural studies. It enables them to gain insight into art history and philosophy, by joining the two research areas into a curricular package with a focus on philosophy of culture, aesthetics, sociology of culture, history of ideas. Career opportunities are concentrated in the fields of cultural studies – management of cultural organization, cultural journalism, as well as advanced research in art history and philosophy of culture. || Read more 

MA programmes in English

Intercultural Communication
This is an interdisciplinary programme offered by the Faculty of Philosophy via the UNESCO Chair in Interculturality, Good Governance and Sustainable Development. It is designed to respond to the needs of companies and organizations recruiting graduates interested in working in the communication sector in an era where the dialogue across cultures is becoming increasingly important. || Read more 
Intercultural Management
This programme is organized by the UNESCO Chair in Interculturality, Good Governance and Sustainable Development (Faculty of Philosophy) in partnership with the Swiss Institute for Sustainable Management, and the Universities of Fribourg, Hamburg, and Dortmund.
Graduates of the programme are excellently prepared to develop a career in the middle- and top-management of international institutions and companies. They are suited for careers in international institutions and organizations, both public and non-governmental, where leadership and management skills are applied in multicultural environments. They can successfully work as managers of cultural organizations, diplomats, (project) managers in the fields of arts, culture and mass-media. The flexibility of the programme also allows them to apply their intercultural management skills in other areas, as the curriculum has been developed in response to the rapidly changing requirements of a complex labour market. || Read more  
Business Administration (MBA)
This programme is organized (since 2008) by the UNESCO Chair in Interculturality, Good Governance and Sustainable Development (Faculty of Philosophy) in partnership with the Universities of Fribourg, Geneva, Regensburg and Burgundy School of Business.
It provides students with a unique opportunity to meet top academics and specialists from international universities, successful managers and entrepreneurs. Students interested in developing a career in business and management benefit by the excellent know-how of practitioners experienced in managing complex organizations. || Read more 
Cognitive Sciences (Open Mind)
OPEN MIND combines graduate studies and advanced research in a variety of areas of cognitive science. The programme proceeds along two tracks: a teaching track, open to graduate students and involving courses, seminars and individual work, leading to a Master in Cognitive Science; and a scientific communication track, open to a larger audience of researchers, teachers, students and a general public interested in cognitive science, and consisting of intense and well-focused thematic workshops that explore in depths important topics of wide scientific and pedagogical interest in cognitive science from a relevant variety of disciplines. || Read more
Analytic Philosophy
This is a two-year research master programme aiming to provide students with various useful skills and insights needed to do independent intellectual work in philosophy at postgraduate level. Some of our students want to acquire these skills and insights as preparation for a PhD track, some plan to use them in another area of intellectual enterprise, and some are just curious and want to know what postgraduate studies in philosophy are like. But all of them are invited to participate in a lively research environment in which students are encouraged to interact with some of the best scholars in this field. || Read more
Globalization and Cultural Diplomacy
This is an advanced research programme offered by the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Philosophy, in partnership with the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin. The programme has a duration of 2 years, with the first 2 semesters taking place in Berlin and the last 2 in Bucharest. It provides students with a unique design of the curriculum, combining lectures and presentations with case studies and in-depth analysis of contemporary global events. Students benefit from the expertise of leading scholars and professionals, and courses are adequately complemented by a wide range of events (visits, trainings, conferences) destined to broaden their perspective and refine their understanding of cultural diplomacy.  || Read more
Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)
The Faculty of Philosophy, in a partnership with the Faculty of Business and Administration, are pleased to announce the launch of their new jointly organized MA program in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, starting October 2017. It is the first PPE program in Romania, and one of the very few in Eastern Europe. || Read more