Professor Ilie Pârvu

Professor Ilie Pârvu studied Philosophy and Mathematics and received his PhD in Philosophy  from the University of Bucharest in 1973. Over the course of his academic career he published extensively on philosophy of science, metaphysics, Kantian studies, formal ontology, the history and foundations of physics. Professor Pârvu is one of the prominent scholars of the contemporary Romanian analytic philosophy school. He has been a PhD supervisor since 1990 and has taught courses in theoretical philosophy which inspired generations of students to pursue advanced research in the field. He translated works by Heisenberg and Einstein into Romanian, as well as numerous studies by Kuhn, Quine, Popper, Bohr, Hintikka and others. Most recently, he has been teaching courses on Kant and philosophy of science to doctoral students and guiding many advanced PhD researchers. He is a member of the Romanian Academy.