Professor Emeritus Mircea Flonta


Professor Emeritus Mircea Flonta received his doctorate from the University of Bucharest in 1970 with a thesis on genetic epistemology. He is a prominent specialist in epistemology and philosophy of language. A significant part of his teaching and research work has been dedicated to the study of Wittgenstein’s thought and, more recently, biography. Over the course of his vast career he contributed significantly on topics such as philosophy of religion (with a particular interest in Lucian Blaga’s thought), philosophy of biology (especially in  the context of darwinism), theory of knowledge, Kantian studies and philosophy of science. Professor Flonta translated a great number of fundamental philosophical texts into Romanian, including Wittgenstein’s seminal works, as well as works by Popper, Hume, Kant, Einstein. His most recent courses for doctoral students focused on Wittgenstein’s Cambridge Lectures and theory of knowledge (the relation between form and content, necessity and contingency). Professor Flonta is also a member of the Romanian Academy.