Următoarea conferință din cadrul seminarului de cercetare al Departamentului de Filosofie Teoretică în parteneriat cu CELFIS va fi susținută de Monica Solomon (Bilkent Üniversitesi). Mai multe detalii despre vorbitor sunt accesibile aici: http://www.phil.bilkent.edu.tr/index.php/monica-solomon/ Dr. Solomon a colaborat și cu Notre Dame, USC și Stanford.

Titlul prezentării sale este ‘Newton’s Bucket: From Myth to Method’. Iată și rezumatul:

‘Newton’s example of a rotating bucket filled with water has the reputation of a landmark argument for the existence of absolute space. Recently, however, the role of this example has been changed to a successful criticism of Descartes’ concept of proper motion. This paper provides a novel take on Newton’s scenario. I start by briefly setting the record straight: the traditional ‘metaphysical’ reconstruction is a bad argument. Moreover, it is also a bad reconstruction. I agree that it is a clear and successful criticism of Descartes’ definition of proper motion. I diverge, however, from recent scholarship on how this goal is achieved and what the passage aims to do for Newton’s own project.

Unlike recent interpretations, it is essential to my description of the rotating bucket that we refer not to states of motion or rest, but to quantities of motion and changes of those quantities.  Accordingly, there are three goals which the example achieves: (1) it criticizes Descartes’ concept of proper motion as failing to provide the ground for the quantitative project he’s aiming for; (2) it provides a self-contained, careful description of how the quantity of true motion of a body of water changes (under which conditions and with what kind of effects); (3) it suggests there is a double aspect to the analysis of the true circular motion of a body: one pertaining to identifying the causes of changes in motion, the other – to representing the motions mathematically. In this example, I provide a unifying perspective: all three roles are achieved via the use of Newton’s definitions and laws of motion.’

Conferința se va desfășura ȋn limba engleză luni, 28 februarie, orele 20-22. Detaliile de conectare via Zoom vor fi distribuite celor ce își indică dorința de participare scriind la adresa andrei.marasoiu@filosofie.unibuc.ro

Mai multe detalii sunt disponibile prin anunțul de pe pagina Facebook a seminarului: https://www.facebook.com/Seminarul-Departamentului-de-Filosofie-Teoretica-UniBuc-285279685738329 sau pe PhilEvents: https://philevents.org/event/show/93365