Miercuri, 26 februarie, în cadrul Seminarului de cercetare al Departamentului de Filosofie Teoretică, profesorul Miklós Rédei, de la London School of Economics and Political Science, va susţine prezentarea intitulată „Having a look at the Bayes Blind Spot”. Întâlnirea va avea loc în amfiteatrul Mircea Florian, începând cu ora 18.

Câteva cuvinte despre prezentare: „The talk investigates some properties of Bayesian learning with an emphasis on what probabilities a Bayesian Agent can learn by conditionalizing on possibly uncertain evidence he has about elements in a Boolean algebra. The Bayes Blind Spot of a Bayesian Agent will be defined as the set of probability measures on a Boolean algebra that are absolutely continuous with respect to the background probability (prior) of the Agent and which the Agent cannot learn by a single act of Bayesian conditioning no matter what evidence he has. Results are presented which show that the Bayes Blind Spot is a very large set if the Boolean algebra is finite. The results are discussed from the perspective of Bayesianism. The talk is based on the joint paper with Z. Gyenis „Having a look at the Bayes Blind Spot”, Synthese, online July 11, 2019, open access).”