Miercuri, 12 iunie, în cadrul Seminarului de cercetare al Departamentului de Filosofie Teoretică, Andrei Mărășoiu, de la University of Virginia, va susţine prezentarea intitulată „Understanding: conscious experience and epistemic norms”. Întâlnirea va avea loc în amfiteatrul Titu Maiorescu, începând cu ora 18.

Câteva cuvinte despre tema prezentării, transmise de invitatul nostru: „We only understand, say, the position on a chessboard, if that position is intelligible, or makes sense to us. And, often enough, there is something it is like to grasp the patterns on the board. The question I tackle is how the epistemic and phenomenal aspects of understanding are related to each other. In order to address this question, we need preliminary accounts in the epistemology and phenomenology of understanding. However, lest conscious experiences met the epistemic norms of understanding merely by coincidence, we would seem to also need to answer the question of why epistemic and phenomenal aspects of understanding are related the way they are. I will argue that we seem to lack the evidence needed to adequately support the claim that there is a metaphysically necessary relation between what it is like to experience understanding, on the one hand, and meeting the epistemic norms of understanding, on the other hand.”