Miercuri, 17 aprilie, în cadrul Seminarului de cercetare al Departamentului de Filosofie Teoretică, Dan Zeman, de la Universitatea din Viena, va susţine prezentarea intitulată „Disagreement in Attitude and the Semantics of Perspectival Terms”. Întâlnirea va avea loc în amfiteatrul Titu Maiorescu, începând cu ora 18.
Câteva cuvinte, din partea vorbitorului, despre tema prezentării: „In this talk, I tackle the notion of “disagreement in attitude”, as it has been employed in the recent debate over the semantics of perspectival expressions (expressions for the interpretation of which appeal to perspectives is needed – predicates of taste (“tasty”, “disgusting”), aesthetic adjectives (“beautiful”, “ugly”), moral terms (“good”, “bad”), epistemic vocabulary (“know”, “justified”) epistemic modals (“might”, “must”) etc.). I investigate the notion both as originally proposed, in the expressivist tradition, by C. L. Stevenson and as used by present day contextualists to fend off the challenge from faultless disagreement. My aim is to raise several critical points showing that the notion is problematic and thus that its use is not ultimately advisable for contextualists.”