Call for Papers



The 200 years birth anniversary of Karl Marx coincides with the 150th year of publication of Capital. Marxists and post-Marxists thinkers will equally find this year the opportunity to take a closer look to other related anniversary events: 120 years from Marcuse’s birth, 110 years since Levi-Strauss was born, the 100 years birth celebration of Althusser.

On these multiple occasions, The Annals of University of Bucharest, Philosophy Series prepares a special issue, devoted to what might be called “the return of the Marxist thought” and its contemporary reinterpretations, set out in a revolutionary philosophy, devoted to both theory and practice.

Recent history reveals that Marxist concerns about the nature of the state as an emergence of property relations and prevalent modes of productions, as well as his passionate critique of socio-political oppression, remained valid criteria for understanding the liberation of humanity and the recurrent revolutionary character of the human civilization. These theoretical coordinates re-enforce the Marxist background for current reflections on contemporary societal and political issues, such as the maintenance of communist regimes in different parts of the world or the continuous desire to control the unequal distribution of wealth facing global economic crises.

Ideological spectres of power inspired by the Marxist thought and social critique invite us to revisit the question of liberation and the realization of history. If Marxism, reflected as a scientific idea raised “hunting” the modern Europe from the second part of the nineteenth century, post-modernity, as a post-structural order, became progressively tempted to “deconstruct” Marx, challenging an ideological demystification.

This special issue of The Annals of University of Bucharest, Philosophy Series welcomes contributions on possible topics that could include but are not restricted to:

  • Modern and contemporary commodity fetishism, exploitation of labour and the role of technology in capitalist modes of production;
  • Alienation, false consciousness and human freedom;
  • Marxist social theory and the future of the post-capitalist world;
  • Historical materialism and class struggles;
  • Democracy, self-determination, and individualism;
  • Class privileges, resource allocation and economic inequalities;
  • Politicizing art, propaganda and artistic labour: Marxist interpretations of aesthetics and art history;
  • Productivity of power and desire: Marx in post-structural debates.

We invite paper submission for this special issue to be published in the second part of 2019. Please submit papers within a range of 6000 to 8000 words, including footnotes and references (including author’s name, institutional affiliation, and email address). Manuscripts will be written in English only. Papers should have an abstract and five to eight key-words. Manuscript should be submitted to the editors at having as subject “Marx 200 years anniversary”. The deadline for submission is 1st of June 2019. Authors will be notified about the review results by 1st of September 2019.

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