valuesValues  of  the  Human  Person :  Contemporary  Challenges  – Romanian  philosophical  studies  /  ed.:  Mihaela  Pop.  –  Bucureşti: Editura Universităţii din Bucureşti, 2013
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ISBN 978-606-16-0332-9
I. Pop, Mihaela (ed.)

Volumul se găsește la Librăria Universității din holul Facultății de Istorie.


Introduction                            1

Part I. Fundamental Human Values Challenging Contemporary

Chapter 1. Value Differentiation and the Ideal of Mankind            25
Marin Aiftincă
Chapter 2. The Values of the New Civilization               35
Bogdana Todorova
Chapter 3. Humans in Contemporary Culture               43
Leon Dyczewski
Chapter 4. Person and Personal Reality: The Actuality of            57
the Eastern Christian Understanding of Man
Dan Chiţoiu
Chapter 5. Modern Society and Its Ethical Dilemmas            65
Cornelia Găşpărel
Chapter 6. Aspirations and Anticipations of Universalism:             81
The Global Village in Ancient Rome
Iulian-Gabriel Hruşcă
Chapter 7. Was the Modern Cosmopolis Transformed into            89
a Post-Modern Global Village?
Constantin Stoenescu
Chapter 8. Hermeneutic Dialogue as Social Value: An Inquiry        101
into the “Undiscoverable Objects of thought”
Adrian Costache
Chapter 9. Rationality as a Human Value              111
Lavinia Marin
Chapter 10. Spiritual Cognition of a Person and Culture          121
Sergey Nizhnikov
Chapter 11. The Ends of Philosophy in the Context of          137
Contemporary Biopolitics
Cristian Iftode
Chapter 12. The Human Value of Civil Disobedience          159
in Democratic Societies
Dorina Pătrunsu
Chapter 13. Beauty as an Aesthetic Value: Contemporary Challenges     167
Mihaela Pop
Chapter 14. What Kitsch Tells Us about Our Time           185
Ulrich Steinvorth
Chapter 15. Globalization: Modern Myth or Ideological Project?        203
Iulia Anghel

Part  II.  New  Axiological  Challenges  in  Technologies  and  Scientific

Chapter 16. Human Being – from Spiritual Values to          213
Technological Progress
Cristian Berţi
Chapter 17. Human Worth on the Threshold of            221
Its Technological Transformation
Ana Bazac
Chapter 18. Social Network Sites: A Microanalysis of          241
the Involvement of Young Europeans
Sebastian Chirimbu
Chapter 19. Philosophical Reflection on the Ethics of          249
Network Information
Gong Qun
Chapter 20. The Disunity of Anthropology: Reflections from        261
a Philosophy of Science Perspective
Richard-David Rus
Chapter 21. The Concept of Dignity in the Capability Approach:         273
A Personalist Perspective
Asya Markova
Chapter 22. Understanding Mental Health: Existential Situation        281
and Social Attitude
Tebeanu Ana-Voichiţa, Macarie George-Florian,
Manea Teodora
Chapter 23. Changes and Challenges in Statements on          295
the Quality of Dying
Gabriel Roman

Part III. Cultural and Spiritual Personalities: Possible Answers to Our
Contemporary Changes

Chapter 24. Rousseau’s “Civil Religion” Reconsidered          315
John Farina
Chapter 25. The Authenticity of the Human Being in          327
Christian Existentialism and Phenomenology:
S. Kierkegaard and J. Tischner
Marek Jan Pytko
Chapter 26. The Value of the Human Person: Rabindranath Tagore’s     339
Relevance to the Challenges of Today’s World
Seema Bose
Chapter 27. The Acting Person and the Experience of           345
Vertical Transcendence in Karol Wojtyla’s Writings
Wilhelm Dancă

Chapter 28. Defining Human Dignity: Landmarks in          351
the Thought of Pope Benedict XVI
Tarciziu Şerban
Chapter 29. Anthony de Mello’s Lifelong Spiritual Pedagogy:         359
Awakening and Awareness
Magdalena Dumitrana
Chapter 30. The Human Person between Transcendence and Fault:        373
a Philosophical Perspective
Cătălin Bobb
Chapter 31. Foucault’s Case Against Humanism            383
Maria Gioga

Index                      389