Seminarul CELFIS de miercuri, 15 ianuarie, va avea ca invitat pe

Tamas Demeter (Hungarian Academy of Science and University of Pécs),

Cu conferinta:

Post-Newtonian Moral Philosophy in Enlightenment Scotland:
The Flight from Mathematics in the Human Sciences

Seminarul CELFIS are loc ca de obicei in amfiteatrul Titu Maiorescu, la Facultatea de Filosofie (Splaiul Independei 204). Aveti mai jos si un abstract al prelegerii

In this talk I will first consider the relation of moral and natural philosophy for Newton, arguing that this relation is mainly methodological and theological. Secondly, I argue that different aspects of Newton’s programme were put to use in the course of development of Scottish moral philosophy, and this makes the label ‘Newtonian’ as ambiguous in the context of moral philosophy as it is in natural philosophy. Thirdly, I argue that this development runs parallel with that of Scottish physiology of the age, i.e. I try to show that the transformation in the ideals of inquiry reflect similar tendencies in Scottish moral and natural philosophy. Finally, I will take a sociological detour in order to suggest a possible explanation for this strikingly parallel development.