Seminarul CELFIS de miercuri 27 noiembrie o are ca invitata pe

Oana Matei (Western University Vasile Goldis, Arad & University of Bucharest)

cu lucrarea

Technologies of Amelioration: „Vegetable Philosophy” and „Husbanding Creation” in the Works of Gabriel Plattes

Seminarul CELFIS are loc ca de obicei miercuri, de la ora 18, la Facultatea de Filosofie, in amfiteatrul Titu Maiorescu.


This paper investigates the ways in which Gabriel Plattes, an important member of the Hartlib Circle, transformed the tradition of husbandry, integrating it into a more sophisticated discipline, „vegetable philosophy.” Vegetable philosophy emerged inside the Hartlib Circle and has been used to define a new field of interest, which could connect alchemical interests, extraction of metals, natural magic, cultivation of the land, and the Baconian tradition of experimentation, dedication of to the open character of knowledge and benefit of mankind.
I will claim that Gabriel Plattes reformulates traditional views on husbandry, transforming it into a new type of ‘integrated science’, able to ameliorate plants as well as the human soul.