Wednesday, 27th November 2013, 18.00-19.00, Department of Philosophy, University of Bucharest, lecturer Gabriel Vacariu will present:

“Did Markus Gabriel (Bonn University) plagiarize my ideas?”
Gabriel Vacariu will introduce the unbelievable similarities between his ideas (from his papers/books published in the last 7 years) and Markus Gabriel’s ideas (Bonn University) (from his TED clip (in English) and his book “Why the world does not exist” (in Germany) both in 2013)
See also YouTube clip: In this clip, Gabriel Vacariu (Philosophy, Bucharest University) analyzes the UNBELIEVABLE similarities between the ideas from his works (2005, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012) and Markus Gabriel’s ideas (Bonn University) from his book published in 2013 and his TED clip (at, also 2013.