Miercuri, 13 noiembrie, invitatul seminarului CELFIS este

Daniel Andersson (Wolfson College, Oxford & New Europe College, Bucharest)

Jacopo Zabarella : Logic and the Mind



Frege famously inveighed against Husserl’s psychologism in logic. By contrast, it is precisely the more detailed account than his predecessors of the link between logic and the structure of the human mind that is interesting in Iacopo Zabarella. I will suggest that this story is important at a number of levels for the history of philosophy. I shall also give some indication of the philological task of dealing with the relevant manuscript evidence.


Seminarul CELFIS va avea loc, ca de obicei, miercuri de la ora 18 in amfiteatrul Titu Maiorescu, la Facultatea de Filosofie.