Autumn issue of  _Society and Politics_:

God and the Order of Nature in Early Modern Thought: Topics in Metaphysics, Epistemology, and Natural Science

Invited editors: Laura Georgescu (University of Bucharest) and Grigore Vida (New Europe College, Bucharest)

Volume 6, Issue no. 2 (12), November 2012
The articles published in this issue develop various methodological
strategies for dealing with some conceptual changes of the Late
Renaissance and the seventeenth century, combining philosophical
interpretations with historical accuracy. The topics addressed in the
issue range from the reconfiguration of mathematical concepts such as
the geometrical proof, or the infinitesimals, to the ways in which the
physico-theological tradition has shaped the understanding of nature.
The articles share a common interest in grasping the patterns of
thinking specific for the early modern period, with its disciplinary
intricacies and ‘innovative’ agenda.
All articles are available in pdf format via this address:

Table of contents:


David Beck (University of Warwick) – Regional Natural History in
England: Physico-Theology and the Exploration of Nature

Tobias Schöttler (Ruhr Universität Bochum) – From Causes to Relations:
The Emergence of a Non-Aristotelian Concept of Geometrical Proof out of
the _Quaestio de certitudine mathematicarum_

Steven Burgess (University of South Florida) – Resolving the Question of
Doubt: Geometrical Demonstration in the Meditations

Tzuchien Tho (Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften) –
Equivocation in the Foundations of Leibniz’s Infinitesimal Fictions

Patrick Brissey (University of South Carolina) – Descartes and the
Meteorology of the World

Joseph Michael Anderson (University of South Florida) – Necessitarianism
in Leibniz’s _Confessio Philosophi_

Book reviews:

Lucian Petrescu (Ghent University) – Fides et Ratio in the Renaissance

Sebastian Mateiescu (University of Bucharest) – Science and Religion and
the Myth of their Conflict

Mihai-Dragoș Vadana (New Europe College, Bucharest) – Pathways in
Cartesian Philosophy

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