Syllabus of the MA and PhD Class in Analytic Metaphysics
Syllabus of the MA and PhD Class in Analytic Metaphysics
Department of Philosophy, University of Helsinki

Metaphysics of Modality

Brief description and objectives of the class:
The class will cover material from the ongoing debates in analytic metaphysics of modality. We pay close attention to the recent literature devoted to both the formal apparatus of quantificational modal logics and to the recent work in the philosophy of modalities.
The following topics are of particular interest: the metaphysical notion of possible worlds and individuals, the relation between modal languages and quantificational first-order languages, different semantic systems for modalities, and the challenges which are raised by the epistemology of the modal discourse.

A working knowledge in first order logic and an intro class in analytical metaphysics.

Topics for discussion for ten hours
1. Basic notions of the possible worlds semantics (2 hours).
2. Quine’s modal skepticism (2 hours).
3. Priorism (modal actualism) (2 hours).
4. Modal realism (2 hours).
5. Modal anti-realism (2 hours).

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