Special Issue – Public Reason 3 (2): Public Services on the Market

We are pleased to announce you that a special issue of Public Reason,  entitled ‘Public Services on the Market’ and edited by Rutger Claassen, is
now available online at  http://www.publicreason.ro/cuprins/7

All articles are available for download as .pdf, .mobi, and .epub.


Public Services on the Market: Issues and Arguments
Rutger Claassen (Leiden University)

Three Normative Models of the Welfare State
Joseph Heath (University of Toronto)

The State and the Market – A Parable: On the State’s Commodifying Effects
Tsilly Dagan (Bar Ilan University)
Talia Fisher (Tel Aviv University)

Political Philosophy and Public Service Broadcasting
Russell Keat (School of Social and Political Science, University of

Quasi-Market versus State Provision of Public Services:
Some Ethical Considerations
Julian Le Grand (London School of Economics)

The Commodification of the Public Service of Water:
A Normative Perspective
Adrian Walsh (University of New England)

Freedom of Choice and Freedom from Need
David P. Levine (Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University
of Denver)

The Marketization of Security Services
Rutger Claassen (Leiden University)

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