Seminarul de filosofie teoretica Miercuri 22 februarie, ora 18, Facultatea de Filosofie teoretica, Amfiteatrul Titu Maiorescu
Hylarie Kochiras (New Europe College, Bucharest) – Dimensional and Non-Dimensional Space and the Doctrine that the Spirit is Whole in Every Part


Against the backdrop of changing concepts of space, both dimensional and
non-dimensional, this paper considers the doctrine that the spirit is
whole in every part, along with the attacks it faced, in particular from
Henry More. I show that More’s attack upon it fails. He
illegitimately injects his own dimensionalist concept of spirit into a
doctrine historically associated with non-dimensionalist concepts; and
he accordingly fails to recognize that the doctrine was never intended
as a_ _means of securing the spirit’s indivisibility, but is rather a
consequence of a concept that secures the indivisibility all by itself.
Hylarie Kochiras was visiting assistant professor at the University at
Buffalo (2008-2010), a postdoctoral fellow at Pittsburg’s Center for
Philosophy of Science (2011-2012), and is currently a EURIAS fellow at
Bucharest’s New Europe College. Her research focuses upon Newton and
early modern philosophy of science, and her publications include
the _Stanford Encyclopedia_’s entry on Locke’s philosophy of
science, “Gravity and Newton’s Substance Counting Problem”, and
“Spiritual Presence and Dimensional Space beyond the Cosmos”