Saptamana viitoare, miercuri 25 ianuarie , seminarul departamentului de filosofie teoretica il are ca invitat pe

Markus Pantsar (University of Helsinki)

„Empirical Research and The Philosophy of Mathematics”.

In the philosophy of mathematics, one of the most fundamental questions concerns how mathematical methods help us get knowledge of the world. In this, mathematics with its apparent a priori character seems to be radically different from the empirical methods we otherwise rely on in science. This relation between the mathematical and the empirical has received extensive treatment from the likes of Quine, Putnam and Kitcher. In this talk, however, I want to focus on a different approach: what can we learn empirically about mathematical thinking and, in particular, what relevance does this have in philosophy?

For this purpose, I will present some examples of results from psychology, animal studies, sociology and the study of mathematical practice, and evaluate their philosophical importance. While such
results are often inconclusive or irrelevant, I will contend that there are numerous studies concerning primitive mathematical thinking that we should take seriously in philosophy. In addition, I will formulate the outlines of an epistemological theory that can retain the special character of mathematical knowledge while not making it empirically unfeasible.

.Seminarul are loc ca de obicei de la ora 18, la Facultatea de Filosofie, amfiteatrul Titu Maiorescu.