New issue: Public Reason 3 (1) – open access peer-reviewed journal

We are pleased to announce that Public Reason 3 (1) is now available online at


– The Mutual Dependence of Institutions and Citizens’ Dispositions in Liberal Democracies

Jeremy Neil (Houston Baptist University)

– Legalizing Selective Conscientious Objection

George Clifford

– The Extension and Limits of the Duty to Rescue

Per Bauhn (Linnaeus University)

– Moral Judgments, Emotions, and some Expectations from Moral Motivation

Mar Cabezas (University of Salamanca)

– Ontology and the Paradox of Future Generations

Dennis Earl (Coastal Carolina University)

– Darwall Versus Raz on Practical Authority

Mark McBride (National University of Singapore)

– David Friedman’s Model of Privatized Justice

Ionut Sterpan (University of Bucharest)

– Rawlsian Compromises in Peacebuilding: A Rejoinder to Begby

Alejandro Agafonow (ESSCA School of Management, LUNAM Université)

– MacIntyre on Personal Identity

Lia Mela (University of Patras)


– Gillian Brock, Global Justice: A Cosmopolitan Account

Reviewed by Dara Salam

Public Reason is an open access peer-reviewed journal of political and moral philosophy. Public Reason publishes articles, book reviews, as well as discussion notes from all the fields of political philosophy and ethics, including political theory, applied ethics, and legal philosophy. The Journal encourages the debate around rationality in politics and ethics in the larger context of the discussion concerning rationality as a philosophical problem.

Public Reason is committed to a pluralistic approach, promoting interdisciplinary and original perspectives as long as the ideal of critical arguing and clarity is respected. The journal is intended for the international philosophical community, as well as for a broader public interested in political and moral philosophy. It aims to promote philosophical exchanges with a special emphasis on issues in, and discussions on the Eastern European space. Public Reason publishes two issues per year, in June and December.