The Journal „Societate şi politica” is searching for scholarly articles and book reviews for its Spring 2012 issue, a special issue on:

Arts of thinking and arts of healing in Early Modern Europe:
Philosophy, Medicine and Politics

Invited editors: Dana Jalobeanu, Oana Matei, Laura Georgescu

The medical paradigm was a powerful heuristic tool in early modern thought. It was employed in various disciplines, but was particularly successful in Renaissance and early modern philosophy. The ancient tradition of cultivating and ‘medicining’ the soul went through a number of important transformations during the sixteenth and seventeenth century and influenced in a number of ways the development of early modern philosophy and science. Concomitantly and sometimes developed within the same disciplinary clusters, one can find a sustained preoccupation for the invention or reformation of the art(s) of thinking. This special issue of Societate si politica seeks articles exploring the connections and intersections between these themes. It welcomes research coming from different fields (history of philosophy, history and philosophy of science, history and philosophy of mathematics, history of medicine etc.) and especially encourages cross-disciplinary approaches.

Society and Politics is a scholarly peer-reviewed journal ( It welcomes original, high-quality research coming from the disciplines of philosophy, history of political thought, intellectual history, history and philosophy of science, favoring interdisciplinary and cross- disciplinary approaches. Papers no longer than 8.000 words, or book reviews no longer than 800 words should be submitted to: For the authors guidelines see:

All papers will go through a process of blind-reviewing.
Deadline 30th of January 2011.