Saptamana aceasta, miercuri 1 iunie, seminarul departamentului de filosofie teoretica il are ca invitat pe

Maarten Van Dyck (University of Ghent)

Galileo’s natural circular motions

In this talk I try to ascertain the status of circular motions in the Galilean cosmos. Galileo often denotes such motions as “natural”, although it is not always clear what such denotation actually implies. I will try to disentangle some possible ambiguities, and indicate a possible way to think about the contentious relation of this talk about natural motions to the later, post-Galilean conception of inertial motion. My analysis will be based both an a diachronic analysis of the evolution in Galileo’s thought on the matter (ranging from his earliest writings in the 1590’s up to the Discsorsi of 1638), and on a close reading of the 1632 Dialogo, trying to reveal some of the surprising intricacies underlying this famous work, especially as relates to the idea of „Nature”, „natural motion”, and divine creation.

Seminarul are loc ca de obicei de la ora 18, la Facultatea de Filosofie, amfiteatrul Titu Maiorescu.