Conferinta CELFIS

Prof. Stephen Gaukroger (University of Sydney, University of Aberdeen) va sustine marti, 3 mai, ora 18, conferinta

Four problems of representation in the early seventeenth century: rhetoric, optics, metaphysics, natural philosophy.

Conferinta, organizata de Centrul de cercetare in Logica, Istoria si Filosofia Stiintei, se adreseaza in special masteranzilor, doctoranzilor si studentilor si va avea loc in sala 6, la Facultatea de Filosofie, Splaiul Independentei 204.

Our problems of representation: the complex origins of Cartesian epistemology (postgraduate talk)

By the end of the seventeenth century, representation had become a fundamental problem in epistemology, in natural philosophy, and in mathematics. In asking how this situation came about, our aim is to identify a number of initially independent strands which were merged, but which were subsequently never wholly reconciled with one another, with the result that the problems of representation that emerged in the course of the seventeenth century had a multi-layered structure. This gave rise to a number of anomalies and intractable problems. There are four strands leading to the seventeenth century understanding of representation that we identify as particularly important in this chapter, deriving from rhetoric, optics,
scholastic psychology, and mechanics