Re-inventing utopia: science, politics and religion in early modern Europe

Editor: Dana Jalobeanu (University of Bucharest)
Oana Matei (Western University Vasile Goldis, Arad)

This special issue of the journal “Studii de stiinta si cultura” aims at bringing together research papers coming from the fields of early modern philosophy, intellectual history and history of political ideas, bearing upon the study and exploration of early modern utopia. The focus of our volume will be Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis and its reception in 17th century Europe. We are however equally interesting in the possible intellectual intersections between Francis Bacon’s utopia and other similar writings of the same period. The editors are especially looking for papers dealing with subjects as:

• Intellectual sources of Francis Bacon’s utopian project
• The reception of Bacon’s project in early modern Europe
• Utopianism and millenarism in 17th century England
• The reception of classical political theories/ideas in the utopian thought of early modernity
• Points of intersections between scientific utopianism and political utopianism

This special issue will be published in English, in December 2010. All the papers will be subject to peer-reviewing.

Papers, no longer than 8,000 words and following Harvard editing system should be send no later than 8th of October 2010 to Dana Jalobeanu (