MA studies

The Faculty of Philosophy offers accredited and interdisciplinary MA programmes with Romanian and English as languages of instruction. All our programmes provide a thorough specialization in areas combining critical thinking and strategic vision with top-quality training enabling graduates to successfully meet the challenges of national and international institutions and organizations.
BA graduates of any background are welcome to enrol in our MA programmes.
Admission is based on:

  1. Statement of purpose describing the academic and professional interests of the applicants. The statement of purpose will be submitted with the application package.
  2. Interview: based on the statement of purpose
For MA programmes with English as language of instruction, proof of linguistic skills is necessary.

MA programmes in Romanian

Applied Ethics in Society, Business and Organizations
History and Circulation of Philosophical Ideas
History and Philosophy of Science
International Development Studies and the Ethics of International Relations
European Studies and the Ethics of International Relations
Art History and Philosophy of Culture

MA programmes in English

Intercultural Communication
Intercultural Management
Business Administration (MBA)
Cognitive Sciences (Open Mind)
Analytic Philosophy
Globalization and Cultural Diplomacy
Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)