Prof. Dr. Adrian-Paul Iliescu

Personal details: born in 1953, graduation (B.A.) 1976, Ph. D. 1983, both at the Fac. of Philosophy, Bucharest University; assistant professor (from 1980, Philosophy Dept., the Polytechnical Institute Bucharest); associate professor (from 1991) and full tenured professor and Ph. D. supervisor (from 1997) – Fac. of Philosophy, Bucharest University.

International recognition: Humboldt-scholar, international competition based-Humboldt grant (1994-1996)- research fellow at Bielefeld University, Germany. Senior Robert Bosch Fellow, at the Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen (advanced studies institute in Vienna – 1999); Senior Visiting Fellow at Oxford University  (Christ Church College – 1990), Cambridge University (St John’s College -1993). Extensive lecturing at Münich University, Berlin (Technischen Universität), Leipzig University, Karlsruhe University, Dresden (Technischen Universität); at the Philosophical Society, University of Swansea, Dept. of Philosophy (1996) and the Philosophical Society, St. David’s University College, Lampeter (1996), UK; at Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium (2003); at the Central European University – Budapest (1998); Bilkent University – Ankara (2011).

Organizer of the international workshop Developing Countries and Duties towards the Future at the Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium (2013). Member of the Steering Committee of the international research program “Rights to a Green Future, Uncertainty, Intergenerational Human Rights and Pathways to Realization (ENRI-Future)”, (2011-2015), financed by the European Science Foundation. Coordinator of the Bucharest University team in the international program on Ethics in the nuclear field Platenso (2013-2016).

Academic and Research Management: Scientific Director – the New Europe College Bucharest, institute for advanced studies (1997-1998); Research Project Coordinator “Characteristics of the Romanian Political Culture”, financed by the World Bank (2000-2003); senior researcher, the project “Complexity theory” , financed by the world bank (1997-1999); senior researcher, the project “concepts, representations, mental contents” (2004-2005);  President of the Academic Ethics Committee , Bucharest University (2008-2011). Director of DIRESS (center for research on intergenerational justice, social responsibility and sustainability), Bucharest University (2013-present).

Publications (selection). Books: Wittgenstein: Why Philosophy Is Bound To Err, Peter Lang Verlag (Peter Lang Publishing House), Frankfurt am Main, 2000; Social and Political Ethics, Ars Docendi Publishing House, 2007; The Anglo-Saxon Conservatism, ALL Publishing House, 1994; (the Ion Petrovici prize, Romanian Academy, 1994); Liberalism – between Success and Illusion, ALL Publishing House, 1998; The Anatomy of Political Evil, The European Idea Foundation, 2005. Equality and Justice, Bucharest University Publishing House, 2014.

 Papers (more recent): The ‘missing link’: Polarization and the need for ‘trial by jury’ procedures, in The Politics of Sustainability Philosophical Perspectives, edited by Dieter Birnbacher, May Thorseth, Routledge, 2015, pp. 195-211.

Philosophy of Law  [in Romania], in Enrico Pattaro, Corrado Roversi  (eds.) A Treatise of Legal Philosophy and General Jurisprudence, vol. 12, Springer, 2016, pp. 690-692.

[chapter 20.5, Legal Philosophy and Theories of the State in 20th Century Romania]

Environmental Risk and Moral Obligations: Reflections on an East European Experience, in Applied Ethics. Perspectives from Romania, Valentin Mureşan, Shunzo Majima (eds.), Center for Applied Ethics and Philosophy, Hokkaido University, Kitaku Sapporo, Japan, 2013, pp.114-130.

Papers Older: Hacker Versus Chomsky: The Argument from Normativity, in  The First European Congress of Analytic Philosophy, edited by ESAP (The European Society for Analytic Philosophy), Aix-en-Provence, 1993, p.43 (abstract); Wittgenstein Against Explanation in Philosophy and in The Kulturwissenschaften, în volumul Culture and Value. Philosophy and the Cultural Sciences, edited by Kjell S. Johannessen & Tore Nordenstam, The Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society,  Kirchberg am Wechsel, 1995; Rational Reconstruction: Preconditions and Limits, in Theoria, vol. 11, nr. 27, september 1996; Rawls’ Encapsulation of Justice, published electronically by the Institut fuer die Wissenschaften vom Menschen, Vienna, in IWM Working Papers, nr. 2 /1999; Institutions démocratiques et mentalités autoritaires en Roumanie, in Cahier d’histoire immédiate, no.24, automne 2003, p.137-148 (ISSN 1247-3189, Toulouse, edited by de Groupe de Recherche en Histoire Immédiate); Political Manichaeism in Contemporary Public Debates: The Romanian Case, in Southeastern Europe/L’Europe de Sud-Est, vol. 30 (2003), pp. 1-12 (California); Two Kinds of Identitary Concern, in Weighting Differences: Romanian Identity in the Wider European Context, V. Boari, S. Gherghina, (eds.), Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2009.