Professor Mihaela Pop

Pop MihaelaProfessor Mihaela Pop received a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Bucharest in 1999 and a second one in Comparative Literature from the Lyon III University in 2008. She specialized in philosophy of culture, aesthetics, ancient philosophy, art history and byzantine philosophy and culture.  She has been also working on topics at the intersection between cultural studies and philosophy from the perspective of moral, religious and aesthetical values. Professor Pop recently coordinated the international research project “Church and Culture in Romanian and Bulgarian History. The Future of Religion in the Balkans”. In addition, she has been developing the academic cooperation between the Faculty of Philosophy and the University for Fine Arts in Bucharest. Professor Pop is a member of CCIF, of the Centre for Medieval Studies (a joint project of the Faculties of History, Foreign Languages and Philosophy) and of the Centre for the Study of the Imaginary.