Senior Lecturer Gheorghe Ștefanov, Ph. D.

PhD in Philosophy received in 2001 from the University of Bucharest. Visiting researcher at the University of Oxford (in 1998 and 1999) and Humboldt University of Berlin (in 2002, with a special grant from the „Alexander von Humboldt” Foundation). Research interests: philosophy of language, philosophy of action, philosophy of logic, philosophy of technology, epistemology and metaphilosophy. Has published articles and books on topics related to his research interests. Editor and translator of several volumes on epistemology, philosophy of science, philosophy of logic and philosophy of mind. Starting from 1995, has taught several courses and seminars (in Romanian and English) at the Faculty of Philosophy including: Logic, Introduction to Philosophy, Critical Thinking, Epistemology, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Logic, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Technology, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Action. Has also taught special courses on works by Plato, Aristotle, Hume, Wittgenstein and Anscombe.


Universitatea din Bucuresti,
Facultatea de Filosofie
Splaiul Independentei, 204
Bucuresti, Sect. 6, Romania
E-mail: gheorghe.stefanov[at]