The Architectonics of Morality by Emilian Mihailov

Emilian Mihailov published the book The Architectonics of Morality at Paralela 45 Publishing House.

The Architectonics of Morality develops a new philosophical interpretation to one of the most controversial problems in Kant’s ethics: what are the functions and relations between the formulas of the categorical imperative. It is a book about the foundations of Kant’s ethics, a fascinating subject for all interested in moral philosophy.

As Mircea Flonta, member of the Romanian Academy, puts it: „It is a pleasure to read a philosophical book in which the concern for clarity is so obvious. The sobriety of style is, in this case, an expression of intellectual honesty. These are rare attributes which constitute the privilege of those who can afford not to impress readers by rhetorical effects. And this is because they can persuade simply and solely with the force of arguments and the substance of ideas.”

The book can be ordered here: